Monday, June 1, 2009

Not just the NY Post

I don't only read the NY Post and write scathing criticism on the articles-- my extensive criticism extends to all corners of the internet. When I'm not reading the laughable writing in the NY Post I'm watching the arguably mundane and silly pornographic material that you can find on Spankwire dot com. After all- no one loves me so I have to masturbate to make my existence somewhat pleasurable.

Here are some of the better comments I've made on Spankwire:

"At 3:24 it's very laughable how much she is "enjoying" giving this man a blow job. His penis does not exceed anyone's expectations." --I hope Jenna Jameson reads this critique and quits her shameful career forever.

"Well JeremyDick, its sad that you have to sit and comment on porn all day-- If you really could get a girl like that, why aren't you with her? I'm not with a girl because no one can stand my company, and they shouldn't because I'm so much better than everyone" --Enough said about that piece of drivel.

"The entrance of the pizza man was a laughable affront to acting. Meisner would be ashamed." -- Made me puke.

"Seriously Spankwire, whoever wrote this script needs to go back to his job filing papers and serving fries. I know you don't need to be a Charles Dickens-- but this is truly making the Bard roll in his grave. 'I've been a naughty girl'? Surely this didn't need to be written if the performances had the slightest bit of subtlety." --I couldn't maintain an erection during this "student film." Truly an affront to all things in the English language.

I'm so so lonely.

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