Monday, June 1, 2009

I am better than the rest on the NY Post

That's right. I'm probably the best writer the New York Post has to offer-- and guess what?! I don't even work for them. That's correct- I only comment on other's posts and am somehow more talented than every single writer they have. Look at some of my insanely precise and pinpoint comments:

"you are too trivial to engage. I'll just mock you instead." - Priceless.

"Yes, James Sexton, reading a novel should really help one "face facts."
Fiction isn't fact, genius. It's just a book.
Do you sleep with the lights on, too?
Grow up." - This is probably one of my best comments. I really made James Sexton feel like a loser. I can sleep at night knowing that I've lived a fulfilling life.

"Joel, Manny Ramirez plays in the NL--he's not a DH (yes, he's a cheater.) Adding him to this piece was nonsensical." - Sometimes the things that Joel says in the comments sections make me so insanely angry. He is the most nonsensical person in existence. I said it. Just pure nonsensical drivel.

"Godless, you like the word "neocon" because you're a f#@%*&$ idiot." - I'm too talented to use swear words, but not above using silly characters to replace letters. S%$#%$#%@^%%#!@$%$. See what I mean.

Read the rest here.

Everyone wants to be me.

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  1. If you took time to do your research, like I clearly have, you would know that the Post's comment board automatically censors epithets you c#&% swallowing, Fagtard. Hey, it didn't recognise fagtard. I AM SMARTER THAN YOU!!